Pay IT Forward Fridays | October 1, 2012

In case you are unfamiliar about the new “Pay it Forward Fridays” (PIFF) project, here is the information you need to join in the fun…

The PIFF concept: 

Try noticing when someone does something nice for you each week.  They may hold a door for you when your hands are full; they may be kind and let you have that “rock star” parking place by the front door; they may buy you a cup of coffee; they may answer the phone for you when you are trying to work with a student…

There are so many ways we can find kindness in the world.  Take notice!!

Then, on Fridays each week this fall semester, try Paying It Forward and do something nice for someone else.  It does not have to cost money …  Just go out of your way a little to give that friendly boost to someone who looks like they could use a warm smile or a little help along the way.


Send your story (just a few sentences) of how someone at Collin College helped you and we will pick a few examples each month to share with the college community in Cougar News.  Send these to .

Although it has been a busy first month, here a few fun PIFF moments we have already received:

  •  This summer I was walking through the main corridor (SCC) with a heavy sewing machine and a very nice kind woman student, who was just there for her orientation, asked me if I would like some help. I was so bowled over I almost didn’t know what to say. She carried the sewing machine out to my car for me and it was a brutally hot day! 
  • Lisa Morman (CHEC-Accounts Payable) assisted me with a print job to the remote large copier in the Business Office today. I do not use this copier too often, so I am unfamiliar with its settings and buttons. She saw that I was having trouble and asked if I needed help and then proceeded to show me the process for printing my job. Yay! With her help, I got my large print job.  Just those few extra minutes she gave me helped me get my task completed.  Now it’s my turn to “pay it forward”.
  • I went to the CPC bookstore last week and bought a candy bar and white Cheddar popcorn, I was short $.25 cents and the new part time temp cashier, Brook Graddock, at the Bookstore reached into her pocket and said I got it. I was shocked!! She did not know me at all and without thinking reached into her own pocket and gave me a quarter!   WOW!!
  • Mary Jordan (Business Office) was quite a bit ahead of me on coming into the building this morning and she still held the elevator for me.  What a nice way to start my day!  Then, the very next day, Vernon Hadnot, (PR) did the same thing!!

Thanks to everyone who shared their stories!!  Let’s keep this going all fall semester…  Send your stories to . For additional information, contact Kim Davison at .

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