Studies have shown that students who are engaged outside of the classroom tend to perform better inside the classroom.

Knowing this, Collin College – since its inception – has provided students plenty of opportunities for engagement by way of its diverse options of registered student organizations, which currently totals 55. For a complete list of registered student organizations, visit .

“Since each organization is required to have at least 20 members, I estimate the minimum number of students [involved in student organizations] to be more than 1,000,” Donna Okaro, Collin College’s assistant director of Student Life, said. “The support of our faculty and staff advisors who genuinely care about the welfare of our students is what makes our organizations unique.”

According to Okaro, a huge benefit to joining a student organization is the identification students instantly have with Collin College. In addition, student organizations have access to complimentary supplies, college facilities and equipment, SAFAC funding for conferences, marketing products, other events, campus advertising and fundraising opportunities, she continued.

Okaro also thinks it is beneficial for students to join organizations because of their volunteerism efforts. Students in organizations also have opportunities, Okaro said, to attend local, regional, national and international conferences, where they learn how to implement effective programs from a global perspective.

“Our student organizations collaborate with each other to accomplish common goals instead of being competitive,” Okaro said, referring to more benefits.  “Our students have opportunities to bring national programs on campus and open our college to the community.”

To join a student organization, students must have a minimum 2.0 GPA and be in good standing with the Dean of Students office. In some instances, specifically with academic organizations, a higher GPA is required.

To become a registered organization, there must be at least 20 students and the organization must have a faculty or staff advisor, who is required to attend annual training, and at least four officers.

For more information about joining or starting a registered student organization, contact Dona Okaro at 972.548.6508 or email .

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