What perfect timing for this email! This morning I noticed an employee do something that brought tears to my eyes. Nardelio DaSilva “Junior,” is a student assistant in Admissions at the Spring Creek Campus who always goes out of his way to be kind, gracious and helpful to everyone he encounters. This morning, he came over to the Information Center desk to greet Alan, one of the Plano Beyond High School special needs students who attends classes here. When Junior found out that Alan hadn’t eaten breakfast, he asked when his class began, looked at the time and said, “Let’s go get some breakfast at the cafe.” Alan looked at me, his entire face lit up with a smile, and he exclaimed “Wow!” This totally made my day.

I have returned to PRC after four years of being at CPC.  I cannot say thank you enough to Jill Braziel, MJ Gibbson, Earlene Knox, Kim Costello and Donna Day for their kindness and patience in helping me and continuing to help me learn all the ins and outs of what our team needs to do to make it all work. Collectively, they make PRC “home.”  I tell folks I am home again thanks to these amazing women and I am very blessed to work with them.

Kate Smith in advising is always warm, congenial and professional. She is wonderful with our students, genuinely cares about their success and speaks to them respectfully.  She always offers help to her colleagues and will assist in any way possible.

Not just a one time thing, but on a regular basis, our Associate Registrar Debbi Collins goes out of her way to encourage us weekly. Whether sending an encouraging email, bringing us flowers from her garden, sprigs from one of her large plants so we can make smaller ones, or just stopping by our desks with a kind word, Debbi has a way of adding brightness to the work day. She is both a colleague and friend, and we can count on her to keep us smiling. We appreciate her.

I was informed that a SCC student was struggling with her classes and endanger of failing all classes. It was three days until the last day to withdraw. I work at CPC and needed help from the SCC Advising office. I called Keyona McClellan and explained the situation. She immediately contacted the student and saw her that afternoon.  Keyona devised a plan to help the student remain in two of her classes and pass, while she withdraw from the other two classes.  Keyona contacted financial aid to see what impact the withdrawal would have on the student’s financial aid. After making all her inquiries Keyona explained to the student what would need to be done and asked the student to meet with her the day before the withdrawal deadline to ensure that it was done. Keyona’s quick action gave a very stressed student the option of not failing her classes, being put on suspension and losing her financial aid.

In Student Life, there were several PIFFs forwarded.  Three of them are shown here and others will follow next month.  There was a student who came in and was unable to pay for their student ID.  Monica Mott went beyond the call of duty and paid for the ID for the student. This student was able to take her test and make it to work on time.  Deme Sibere is a real gentleman around the office.  Chavonne Jenkins is really good with talking to our customers/students and directing them to where they need to go. She is always willing to lend a hand here in the office.

Please know that this positive and professional young man, Josh Ryan, who works in the call center for Financial Aid is willing to help anyone I send to him with financial aid difficulties, and he provides a follow up. I can testify to at least four incidents where he made a positive way for a student.

Dr. David Green spreads more support and cheer on the SCC campus.  Honestly, students and employees are happy to see him. He is the Evening/Weekend Administrator, and he does such an incredible job checking on all of the departments, assisting students in need, and in general supporting the registration process.

The Health Sciences division office recently moved their office location at CPC from the third floor to the first floor.  Barbara Stroden, who is now our office “neighbor,” surprised us one day after we all got settled in, with a bottle of sparkling cider and a nice note to welcome us to the area.  We popped the cork and celebrated together, offering Barbara and the rest of the staff in her office a cup of bubbly as well.  Cheers to you, Barbara Stroden!

Yesterday, a student needing a Scantron (for an exam that was taking place in a few moments) asked Justin Jones from Public Relations for change for a five so that he could retrieve the Scantron from the vending machine. Justin did not have the change, but he gave the student money so that he could purchase the Scantron.

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