Robert works in Facilities at SCC.  He has many job assignments, but the one assignment that I appreciate the most is his help with furniture deliveries.  Robert is always willing to make time to come with the deliveries and do whatever needs to be done to make sure the furniture, appliance or whatever is delivered properly and put together correctly.  Sometimes that means he has to put it together.  He has even mopped up the floor for me when the old refrigerator was removed.  I would like to thank Robert for always going the extra step and being such a great help.

One of my colleagues had a visit from one of her students. On this day the student had no classes and had to ride a bus from far outside Collin County (over an hour trip) and then walk from the bus stop. The student did not look well and after about an hour’s conversation, my colleague took the student to the Cougar Cafe and bought lunch for them both because she knew the student could not afford it and was concerned for the student’s health.  She is AWESOME!

Donna Okaro always puts her trust in me to handle things around the office. This week she allowed me to work the debate by myself.  Deanna Guess always is willing to answer a question even if I have asked her more than once in this past eight weeks. Her performance around the office is outstanding!  Liz Castillo always has all the right answers no matter the time of day; she even answered a question for me after hours this week.  Diana Bratton is always on top of every task that comes her way, she is a team player and she will do anything someone else in the office cannot.

Last night we were about to close down the Admissions Office at SCC when we received a desperate phone call. Tom Mokake was kind enough to go the extra mile and stay an additional 45 minutes to assist a couple that were en route/traffic and so hopeful to get their residency straightened out. Tom sits right outside my office view. This is not the first time I have witnessed Tom taking his time and providing exceptional customer service. He is always the same, pleasant, current, effective and tries to engage in some pleasant conversation while accomplishing the task … even if that means he will leave the office 45 minutes later than planned. Tom is a very honorable reflection of Collin College’s excellence, and an unsung hero.

Robert Long in Plant Ops has such a positive, can-do attitude.  Each time I talked with him this week about a furniture issue, he went above and beyond to help me identify solutions.  He certainly exhibited our core value of Service!

I worked for Collin College from 2004-2007 and worked with Jennifer Glenn at SCC.  I recently returned to work at Collin College at the CHEC and needed help learning CougarMart since it was implemented while I was away.  Jennifer, who is in Purchasing now, has helped me several times.  She was very patient with me and always ended all our conversations with “I’m here if you need more help.” Thanks so much, Jennifer!

They said, “Yes,” to the call. Thank you to Barbara Stroden and Judi Wohead at CPC for answering the call to assist on short notice for the Sheet Drive for Returning Soldiers.

Lisa Evans-Reagan (CYC) was an invaluable help to me. Lisa volunteered to not only instruct me step by step on the use of unfamiliar media equipment (camcorder), she also tested the equipment, showed me how to download the presentations and offered her own mini-tripod to make my upcoming task simpler and more efficient.  Her patient attitude and instruction enabled me to face my upcoming task with confidence and knowledge.

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