Beckey Hargett and Paula Ballew both work for the Provost Offices at SCC and CPC.  I am always calling SCC or CPC and asking them to check on room occupancy, to post canceled class signs, check on instructors, etc.  The responses I have ALWAYS gotten have been “sure I will,” “not a problem,” “I don’t mind a bit,” “don’t worry about it, I’ll take care of it,” or “I’ll be happy to do it for you.” Not only are they super efficient, they go the extra mile to help and they always are so friendly and pleasant to work with. I am grateful to both of them for all the help they are to me, as I’m sure they are to many others who they work with. I think they’re the BEST!

Professor Salena Brody has done much to improve Collin College’s atmosphere. Professor Brody and her student group, the Social Justice Club, has held many events to inform the Collin College population about people in need.  The group has collected teddy bears for needy children and clothes for the homeless population. Professor Brody meets every Friday with the leaders of the group to keep them focused and prepared in their endeavors.

I am in the position to watch Todd Fields really make a difference in so many people’s lives. Todd is a very modest individual with a huge humanitarian heart. Without breaking any confidential rules let me generically share one of his stories. We worked with a weary homeless woman last semester, and it seemed as though nothing would ever work for her. She had just lost her job, was trying to get into a shelter and could not understand how to prove her residency as she had no place to receive mail. Todd met with her several times examining all of the possible angles in her particular situation. He was not able to solve all of the challenges, however, he had her in tears with his kindness and determination to see if we could assist her in some kind of a success plan. Many of the details must remain confidential, however, I will say she has returned to say thank you several times, and is doing fairly well. Todd, during a very busy time, took the time to connect to what some might consider “an unlovely person” as she began at the counter screaming and yelling at one of the staff in total frustration. He provided what he could, and made her first experience with Collin College a much brighter experience.  He took the time to hear her concerns, and in a busy world it is sometimes a gift to be heard.

I am a part-time faculty member at PRC with the Math department and in the Math Lab. Ms Margaret Woldu is a great inspiration to me. She is available to all the students and all the tutors. She is patient, hardworking and organized.  She is also fun to be around.  Thank you for all that you do Margaret!

Pat Peters in the Writing Center always comes to work with a smile on her face. Her friendly attitude is wonderful!

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