A new resource is available to help Collin College students plan their future, Career Coach.

Made possible by a grant from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board with funds provided by the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Applied Technology Education Act of 2006, Career Coach as a link between the degree or certificate programs offered by Collin College and business by tying academic programs directly to a student’s career choice.

With Career Coach, students can identify real-time job opportunities to the degree program they are currently enrolled in at the college.

Douglas Willis, Dean of Student Development at the Central Park Campus, said Career Coach is not just a tool for students but an invaluable resource that can be utilized by all Collin College staff in assisting students achieve their educational goals.

Career Coach is available at https://collin.emsicareercoach.com.

Career Coach is available at https://collin.emsicareercoach.com.

1. What is Career Coach and how does it work?

Career Coach is a career exploration and planning resource for Collin College students and graduates as well as prospective students.  It enables anyone to search by degrees or job titles to see what the job market holds for a career.  There is no login information required though users should setup their own account so the site retains their settings.  The data behind it comes from nearly 90 sources including federal, state, and private.  Career Coach is updated four times per year.

2. How does Career Coach benefit students?

It gives them the information they need to make well-informed decisions about their careers.  It also introduces students to careers and degrees that they might not have considered before.  It also enables them to build a resume quickly and easily with a minimum of typing and formatting.  They can email their resume in a Microsoft Word document to themselves or save it to their own USB drive.  They can take it and customize it from there if they wish.

3. What information can students expect to find on Career Coach?

They can find open positions from indeed.com, job descriptions, and compensation figures very easily.  They can also see related careers and programs and job market statistics like how many people are employed in a position based on a search radius the students set.  Students also see how many annual job openings there are and how many are nearing retirement age.  They can get all of this information on one screen from entering just one search term!

4. How can students access Career Coach?

Career Coach can be accessed easily from CougarWeb’s MyCourses and Student pages.

More locations on Collin College’s website are in the works!

5. Any additional information you wish to provide, please feel free to do so. The more information you can provide the better.

Economic Modeling Specialists International, the company behind Career Coach, provides Career Coach to approximately 60 colleges.

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