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Tragic explosions in West, Texas hit home across the nation, causing an outpour of sympathy and compassion.

Students at the Collin College Spring Creek Campus found themselves so moved by the events that hit the tiny Texas town, famous for its little Czech bakery, they decided to contribute to relief efforts.

Millie Black, VOICE advisor and professor of political science said Jammie Smith, president of VOICE (Voice Outreach in Civic Engagement), called the local Red Cross immediately after the incident seeking the best way to aid explosion victims.

After hearing the city was in desperate need of donations, Smith and fellow VOICE officers Sherrell Martin and Jess Charalambous coordinated with Collin College Student Life to organize “Bless West,” a goods donation drive to provide for the people of West.


On April 19, Smith, Martin and Charalambous partnered with a few friends from Phi Theta Kappa and Rotaract to run the 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. event at in the Spring Creek Campus atrium.

Martin said Collin College seemed like the perfect place to raise awareness and join together to reach out.

“I  believe we have a responsibility to do something,” Martin said. “We need to help those who aren’t able to help themselves right now.”

Donations collected included clothing, canned goods, baby items and personal hygiene products.

“It was really amazing. The donations from an event organized overnight filled up two SUVs,” Black said. “They were even able to collect blood-sugar monitors for the people in the impacted nursing home.”


Students involved in the event said even the smallest donation makes a difference. They are grateful the Collin College community came together to serve a nearby town in need.

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