It has been a terrific year… and in wrapping up the Spring 2013 semester, we have the following stories of more good deeds at Collin College.  Thanks to everyone who has shared their great experiences this year.  Have a wonderful summer!!

The Plano ISD Family Literacy Program’s translator was unable to join their presentation on April 19, 2013, and the Collin Recruitment staff found out this information 15 minutes before the presentation.  Teresa Danner was willing to serve as a translator, even with the short notice.  Her flexibility, service, and experience helped make the presentation more meaningful for the students who attended.  We are truly grateful for an amazing colleague who was so willing to help us in such a short turn around.  Thank you so much Teresa!

I just wanted to say a public thank you to Rebecca Miller (Fenner) for her attitude and help during the learning curve on the new TimeClock Plus system. Not only has she gracefully answered the same questions over and over again, from multiple people, but I know she has received many calls asking more (or the same) questions, including mine about things I didn’t understand or something that wasn’t showing. I have been very impressed with the attitude that she has maintained through all of this. During each call she has had a smile in her voice and a willingness to help. It is always a pleasure to interact with her. Great Job! And thanks again.

Felipe Fabela works in Plant Operations at CHEC and I have never seen him with out a smile.  Every time I am over there and if I see him, no matter what, Felipe has a smile on his face.  Last Friday, April 5, I was at the CHEC and needed early and needed an office open.  He came right up and with a smile and friendly words opened it up for me.  Then on Monday, Tuesday April 9, I needed help in the VPSD suite and Felipe came up right away, and again, with a smile helped me out.  Felipe exudes positivity and helpfulness at all times and I feel he is a true asset to Collin College.

Dr. Tiffany Harper and one of her honors government class (at CPC) recently participated in a collection/drive to commemorate Cesar Chavez Day, benefitting The Samaritan Inn!

The following is not a “good deed,” but is definitely a positive outcome resulting from a Collin class.  The professor writes, “I got an e-mail from a former online student telling me how much our discussions of racial inequality in sociology class helped her see things from a new perspective. She says she has friends from many different ethnic and class backgrounds and recently there was a misunderstanding about the term “ghetto”, but the group was able to talk about it and explain their different perspectives, but still be friends. She said what she learned at Collin helped her see different sides of the issues she would have not seen before.”
It is not exactly a “deed”, but I thought you might want to know about a group who is open-minded and able to work through things together! 🙂

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