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Name:  Amber Allen

What do you teach?: Polysomnographic (Sleep) Technology

Why do you teach?: I remember when I first started in the sleep field and how much I had to learn to be successful. It was very overwhelming, especially since I worked for one of the largest hospitals in the country (Cleveland Clinic). There weren’t structured programs like this to help me when I started as it was mainly on-the-job training at the time. So I had to learn on my own. I would read and study the limited polysomnography textbooks there were back then to get the background knowledge. I teach because I wanted to impart the wisdom attained from my journey in the field to help students gain the knowledge to be successful.

Favorite thing about teaching: To see students apply a concept taught in the classroom to their interactions with patients in the sleep lab and the excitement they get when they connect their classroom knowledge to what they do in the lab/clinical setting.

Favorite music or artist: Favorite music is a hard question for me. I spent eight years working in the music industry in Nashville prior to starting in polysomnography, so I listen to a little bit of everything.

Favorite food: Sushi

Dream vacation: Hawaii

What’s your nerdiest quality? Because I used to be an editor, I’m always mentally editing the things that I read and looking for grammar/spelling errors.

Favorite TV show:  Nashville

Biggest accomplishment: I started college at 14.

Most embarrassing moment: It was probably when I tripped over country singer Billy Currington’s foot at a CMT Awards After Party. He didn’t look too happy.

Favorite sport: NFL football

If you could have any talent what would it be and why?: I have a lot of talents, but I wish I were more mechanically talented to be able to fix things and do do-it-yourself decorating projects around the house. I watch HGTV on the weekends and wish I had the talent to do the things they do on those home renovation and decorating shows.

What about super power? Why?: I would want to be able to fly so I could visit my family and friends more.

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