Monnika and IHCE faculty

ICHE faculty and Monnika

Participating in two student organizations is more than just something to put on a resume’ for Collin College student Monnika Young.

The 2012-2013 Student Officer of the Year said her involvement in the Sigma Alpha Pi Honor Society and the Hospitality and Culinary Students Association (HCSA) has made her more outgoing and a confident leader.

“When you’re a part of the student organization, you represent something higher than the classroom. Students look up to you,” Young said. “Through student organization, you have the opportunity to be the best you can be and have a higher chance of success.”

Collin College has 70 student organizations, ranging from honor societies to robotics to volleyball clubs.  Two of the college’s honor societies were recognized this year for excellence.

“Student organizations help you find out who you are and give you great leadership opportunities you might not otherwise have,” Young said.  “As an orientation leader, I tell everybody if you can get involved it will help make your college experience the one that students are looking for.”

Monnika and friends

Monnika and friends

According to The Los Angeles Times, students who are involved in campus organizations and clubs graduate earlier than uninvolved students. The National Survey of Student Engagement reports that students involved in their college have higher grades.

Collin College Coordinator of Programs for New Students Stephen Rogers said students who are involved on campus have a better chance for success.

“Plus, students who are involved will be able to meet and connect with other students and practice and develop skills that can make them better prepared for their future careers,” Rogers said.

In addition to learning leadership and skills, the social benefits of campus clubs are invaluable, according to Young.

“The friends I’ve made through being involved is my favorite part,” Young said. “You get so close to advisors, and you have this amazing support team always rooting for you.”

Students currently enrolled can start a new student organization by contacting the Collin Student Life office at 972.548.6788 or checking out a list of  existing student organizations at collin.edu/campuslife/student-orgs.html


photos by Nick Young

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