Collin College chemistry professor Amina El-Ashmawy was recently named an American Chemical Society Fellow.

To be eligible for this prestigious fellowship, nominees must exhibit excellence and leadership that have a lasting impact in science, the chemistry profession, education or management. Only 96 men and women from across the country were announced this year as Fellows.

El-Ashmawy has been at Collin College since 1988 and currently teaches General Chemistry at the Central Park Campus. She enjoys the deeper understanding of phenomena in our world that chemistry provides.file8391291072758

“Chemistry is a very diverse field from the nano level to large biomolecules. Chemistry touches just about every field of study you can imagine,” ElAshmawy said.

To become an ACS Fellow, a colleague must nominate a person and then two colleagues must write letters in support of the nomination. A committee then reviews the nomination.

“This recognition is very meaningful and a great honor,” El-Ashmawy said. “Since becoming an ACS Fellow, I have received congratulations from many valued colleagues and friends, and that adds to the award.”

An ACS member since 1992, her contributions to chemistry include mentoring female students in science, technology, engineering and mathematic (STEM) fields.

“My mother was a professor and doctor who taught me to be a strong woman and to have conviction. Consequently, I pursue things I can be passionate about,” El-Ashmawy said. “As a professor, I am in a prime position to pay it forward and influence female students. Seeing their potential, I can encourage them to pursue a STEM field.  The dearth of females in STEM fields in our country is motivation for me. “

El-Ashmawy advises potential chemistry students to studiously apply themselves if they want to succeed.

“Realize that science requires work. Study and ask questions. Get help. Don’t give up. And, enjoy the journey! Before you know it, you will see beauty of different magnitude,” El-Ashmawy said.

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