bookFew things take as intense a toll on productivity as negative health conditions. In response to this reality, Collin College’s Wellness Program makes an effort to combat issues like poor health hygiene and the spread of infection by regularly offering lectures and book suggestions regarding crucial healthcare topics. Last year’s themes focused on stress reduction and healthy eating.

Central Park Campus librarian Lisa Huang said the lectures and Wellness Book Club are intended to engage the cognitive dimension of Wellness Program participants by presenting them with timely and relevant health topics that have real-life implications.

“It doesn’t do much when someone exercises for an hour but eats two Big Macs afterwards,” Huang said. “Wellness Program Coordinator Dr. Linda Adams and I wanted to both intellectually stimulate the participants and empower them to make healthy lifestyle choices.”

Patricia Pierson, health sciences faculty, said she attends lectures and participates in the book club regularly because she believes knowledge is power.

“The more I know, the more I can put healthy habits into practice and pass that information along to family, friends and students,” Pierson said. “We spend many hours at work, and I think when we take care of ourselves, we can focus more on what we need to accomplish at work.”

fruitsPierson enjoys taking part in the book club because doing so earns two employee Wellness Program points that don’t require sweating.

“Last fall, I read several of the books about stress,” Pierson said. “I knew most of the information, but it was a good reminder of the stress reducers that can easily be implemented.”

At the  lecture by Pam Love-White, Pierson said attendees were reminded that taking a short lunch break away from one’s desk is beneficial and will help maintain focus in the afternoon.

Assistant Director of Student Life Donna Okaro said the lecture she attended regarding healthy eating and portion sizes was her favorite. She gained information from the presenter that she could apply to her everyday health decisions.

 Fall 2013 Wellness Opportunities

 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate one in five U.S. residents contracts the flu each year.

Addressing the concern students, staff and faculty experience annually over the possibility of catching the flu, the Wellness Program has themed this semester “Keeping the Flu off Your Fall Schedule.”

The Wellness Program will partner will the Medical Center of McKinney to present the following lectures:

Dr. William Dodge, family medicine physician with Medical Center of McKinney

1-2 p.m.

Thursday, Oct. 10

Spring Creek Campus Room L254

1-2 p.m.

Wednesday, Nov. 6

Preston Ridge Campus Room D131

Kelly Reynolds, Collin College professor and Registered Respiratory Therapist

2-3 p.m.

Tuesday, Oct. 15

Collin Higher Education Center Room 110

1-2 p.m.

Tuesday, Oct. 22

Central Park Campus Room E206

Lectures are free and open to the public.

A list of fall 2013 Wellness Book Club options can be found at http://collin.libguides.com/wellness. Information about the Wellness Program is available at http://iws2.collin.edu/ladams/New_wellness/index.htm.

 For more information, contact Lisa Huang at lhuang@collin.edu.

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