Students at Collin College have the chance to stay on the sidelines, but still be in the game.

Through the athletic training track, students assist with pre-game and pre-practice preparation for the men’s and women’s basketball and tennis teams at Collin College.


“Students can gain hands-on experience and learn techniques to prevent, evaluate and treat injuries,” said Collin College athletic trainer Wade Johnson. “They also have the special opportunity to help with athletic training services during the National Junior College Athletic Association men’s national tennis tournament hosted at Collin College.”

Tape, bandages, heat pads, ice bags and more are all a part of learning athletic training. Athletic training students have the opportunity to feel and experience tests for an athletic injury, such as an ACL tear. Students must be proficient in a task before performing it on an athlete but are always under direct supervision of the certified athletic trainer. Students are also assigned a sport for their supervised clinical assignments as well.

“Through clinical experiences, students will learn everything from preventative taping to evaluation techniques and special tests for specific injuries,” Johnson said.

Currently, Collin College allows students to transfer to accredited programs with prior athletic training knowledge and clinical skills. Taking courses such as “Taping and Bandaging”, “Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries” and “Safety and First Aid” are a good choice for a student starting the athletic training track.

“The goal for students when they leave Collin College is for them to enter an athletic training education program at the level of a junior or third-year student in the program,” Johnson said. “As a whole, the athletic training track at Collin College does not allow a student to obtain their license or certification but places them on the fast track, with a better understanding of the profession, to a bachelors degree and ultimately become a certified or licensed athletic trainer.”

For more information or to schedule a visit with the athletic trainer, contact Wade Johnson at 972.881.5846 or

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