To help keep the community safe, Collin College is launching the “See Something, Say Something” campaign to urge students, faculty and staff to report any suspicious activity they observe.

If a person sees anything strange or out of the ordinary, they should call the Collin College Police Department at 972.578.5555 or extension 5555 from on-campus phones, said Collin College police chief Michael Gromatzky.

“The importance of reporting suspicious or out of the ordinary activity really can not be overstated,” Gromatzky said.  “If everyone works together as a community we are more than 50,000 strong versus just the 28 members of the police department.”

Speaking up when something seems amiss is crucial to keeping people safe and no one should be afraid that their call is unimportant, explained Gromatzky.

“If no one reports problems or concerns it can take a period of time before the officers come across the problem on their own,” Gromatzky said. “Sometimes, people believe they will ‘bother’ police if they report something concerning, or they think someone else will say something so they do not report anything. Neither of these could be further from the truth.”

“See Something, Say Something” isn’t just related to crime. Even maintenance issues could be safety concerns that could put people at risk. The Collin College police department encourages people to report issues to the police.

“Our goal is to have the best and safest community around,” Gromatzky said.

The Collin College police department urges everyone to be aware of their surroundings and always take preventative measures:

  • Take, lock, hide: Take your property with you, lock your property away and hide it from view to prevent theft.
  • Trust your instincts. If something feels strange, there is a good chance it is strange.
  • Travel with friends so you are not alone. Have a phone buddy that you can talk to as you travel.  If you feel uneasy walking alone, contact police and request a patrol to escort you to your vehicle.

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