Not only do honors classes offer early registration, intellectual challenge, smaller classroom settings, honors-specific scholarships and interactive environments, the new Honors Institute Bonus Points Initiative gives pre-health students a competitive edge for their future. Jenny Warren, Honors Institute director and professor explains:

Jenny Warren

 What is the Honors Institute Bonus Point Initiative?

The Bonus Point Initiative functions to benefit students who want to apply for a Collin College health  sciences program, including nursing, dental hygiene, surgical technology, respiratory care or  polysomnographic technology.

For certain program-specific math or science prerequisite classes taken in an Honors format, students  will receive “bonus” points on their program application.

  •  Surgical Technology and Dental Hygiene will award one point for a grade of B earned and two points for  an A.
  •  Nursing, Respiratory Care and Polysomnographic Technology (Sleep Tech) will award one point for a  grade of A or B.
  •  How can the Bonus Points Initiative impact my future?

It can help you get accepted to highly competitive programs.

The addition of these points is super helpful to applying students. For example, the fact that the nursing program, on only a 16-point scale, has agreed to award a point for an A or B earned in each applicable course is huge! It could mean the difference between getting into the program or not.

How can honors courses help me prepare for a health career even if I don’t plan to apply for a Collin College program?

Great question! Taking honors classes in general will help students think critically, ask probing questions, learn how to look (research) for answers and understand the ins and outs of working effectively in groups. Each of these, as contemporary research shows, are skills that are necessary not only to careers in the health industry, but in all industries.

For more information about the Honors Bonus Initiative or the Honors Institute, visit http://www.collin.edu/academics/honors/.

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