Nationally, students face the stress of perpetually rising tuition costs for higher education.

Working to ensure financial barriers do not hinder any individual’s ability to complete an education at Collin College, the Collin College Foundation provides a range of scholarships.

The application for the 2014-2015 academic year is now open at, and submission will be accepted through April 28.

Amy Evans, executive director of the Collin College Foundation, said all students are encouraged to apply.

“Reviewers match a student’s answers to individual scholarship opportunities and determine if an applicant is a good fit for a particular scholarship based on its specific criteria,” Evans said. “A high GPA is helpful in many cases, but some scholarships are based solely on financial need.”

Application reviewers also look for thoughtful, thorough and grammatically correct answers to the essay questions.

Funding for Collin College Foundation scholarships is provided by donors, who Evans describes as devoted to higher education and deserving students.

“Our donors believe that an investment in our students’ future is an investment in our collective future,” Evans said. “Unlike loans, students are not required to pay back scholarships. They are gifts—from our donors—that help students pay for college and achieve their dreams without accumulating mountains of debt.”

Apply for scholarships today.

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