Students can take control of their academic courses and career path through Collin College’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). Through the QEP, students can experience shorter advising wait time, faculty expertise, less time to graduate and more.

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“The QEP is important because it teaches students how to plan for their own success,” said Dr. Colleen Smith, district senior vice president of academic affairs and student development. “It changes academic and career planning to a learning experience completed by students with the support of college faculty and staff.”

Collin College’s QEP theme is “There’s a Map For That!” Students can use the QEP to map a pathway to goals, such as staying on track to completion and determining whether the ultimate goal is to transfer to a university of learn new skills for a current job. Skills developed from participating in the QEP will allow them to create a new map for the next level of achievement, even after graduating from Collin College.

One area that the QEP impacts largely is advising. Students, faculty and professional advisors can pool knowledge and expertise to help students develop skills needed to map a pathway to academic success. The QEP paves the way for shorter lines at advising times and allows faculty to serve as mentors.

The QEP also creates Academic Planning Coaches and institutes online degree planning to achieve goals.

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