The first annual Deaf, Deaf World event held at Collin College’s Spring Creek Campus was a silent but resounding success.

Sign Language InterpreterNearly 300 people attended Deaf, Deaf World 2014, which provided hands-on experience with Deaf culture to hearing individuals. For the Deaf, the event also provided many networking opportunities. It promoted the American Sign Language (ASL)/Interpreter Preparation Program at Collin College, and $200 was raised toward scholarships for interpreting students.

For the Deaf, Deaf World, a “deaf village” was created in the Living Legends Conference Center of the Spring Creek Campus, which included a village complete with an ASL school, bank, restaurant, arts-and-crafts shop, medical office and a jail reserved for those who used their voice. Participants earned money by demonstrating knowledge of ASL signs and used their earnings at the restaurant.

At the presentation area, participants were entertained with Deaf jokes, trivia quizzes and Deaf storytelling, and informed with presentations about Deaf culture. These presentations included information about Dallas Black Deaf Advocates and the Deaf Action Center.

An exhibit area outside the village offered information of interest to the Deaf community and Interpreters.

The date and location for next year’s Deaf, Deaf World will be announced this summer.


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