Students from all backgrounds are getting runway ready for Collin College’s first-ever Theatre Fashion Show at 7 p.m. and 8:10 p.m. on Wednesday, May 14 at the Spring Creek Campus Alt Lab.

About 17 student models and around 20 student designers are collaborating to create unique looks through costuming aMASKnd makeup skills. Designs from Victorian gowns to superhero costumes will be included, said Collin College costume and makeup coordinator Gina Love.

“I wanted to find a forum for our costuming and makeup classes to collaborate on their final project,” Love said. “Through their combined and multi-discipline backgrounds, they have spun a wonderful interactive tapestry.”

Costuming students are creating custom gowns and theatrical makeup students are creating couture makeup and hairstyles. Each student researched completed a thorough a series of sketching, full color rendering and sampling of their designs. For the costumes, students created half-scale Victorian inspired undergarments as a way to practice sewing techniques. These half-scale undergarments will also be on display during the show.

Though most costumes were created from fabric bought at local stores, students were encouraged to upcycle utilizing recycled or unusual materials. Most costumes are traditional in style, although Love said Superman and Wonder Woman will make an appearance.”

“It was so important that the Collin College Core Values were woven into the fabric of this project,” Love said. “All of the creative arts classes are teaching communication, critical thinking, social responsibility and teamwork.”

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